Paramus Housing

Located at the Route 4 and 17 Interchange in Paramus, NJ, this 4-story 122,000 SF facility houses 104 residential apartments. The unit mix include four (4) Studios, Twenty-eight (28) One Bedrooms, Sixty (60) Two Bedrooms and Twelve (12) Three Bedrooms. Forty-five (45) of the units will be affordable.

The L-shaped building is set back from the interchange with parking located between the building and the highway. The entry is located at the hinge point of the two building wings. Ground floor amenities include a Community Room and Fitness Room, both with outdoor patios. Other tenant features include office centers on the upper floors. Apartments will be equipped with washer and dryer hookups and there will also be communal laundry rooms on each floor.

The building is sheathed in four (4) warm-tone colors of pre-finished plank siding to resemble residential clapboard. This serves to animate the facades, thereby creating interest and breaking down the mass of the large structure. Brick is utilized at the base for both its aesthetic characteristics and durability. Back-lit, large, graphic building signage is employed to identify the facility from the surrounding highways.

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