Posen Architects was founded in 1996 and is committed to client service, design excellence and the quality of its built work. The company has a recognized expertise in institutional, corporate, healthcare and commercial facilities. The mission of the company is based on four principles: to deliver unequalled client service; to provide design excellence in all of our projects; to recruit, retain and promote staff with the highest levels of technical expertise; and to strive to achieve complete client satisfaction in our built work.

Our staff has outstanding credentials and project expertise. We listen to our client's needs and respond quickly. We try very hard to maintain close personal contact with our clients throughout the design and construction phases and enjoy multi-project, long-term relationships with most of them. Our work has been won on the strength of our technical experience, design talent and project management skills.


Architecture Architecture is a collaboration — a partnership between client and designer from conceptual ideas through construction. Posen Architects understands the creative as well as technical aspects of project planning, driving each project with outstanding client service, original design solutions, and quality-controlled documentation.

Interior Design The foundation of successful interior design is built on understanding the client’s comprehensive functional requirements. Thorough interviews with space users inform the space standards and relationships that Posen Architects develops and creatively expresses in materials and finishes. Highly specialized furniture management services are an optional, added value.

Planning Posen Architects shares its vision for your project during the architectural planning process, conceptualizing design options to explore the best possible integration of elements that fulfill your goals and objectives. We also identify future needs and plan for flexibility.

Regulatory Approvals The path from blueprint to building can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Viewing architecture as an exercise in problem solving, the firm integrates code and energy compliance, municipal approvals, and permitting into our comprehensive services. Posen Architects has the in-house expertise to manage and expedite the permit process for our own clients and as a stand-alone service for other designers.

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